Attention to detail equals excellence, and at Cardinal that’s where we set the bar. We understand the full weight of the survey is planning, building, and executing a safe, efficient, & effective project. 

You can rest assured that our survey work meets and even exceeds information required by government, mortgage, title, and realty, laying the groundwork for seamless workflow and success.

Property & Boundary Survey

This is an important part of your pre-construction plans. For a property & boundary survey, we measure the perimeter of a property according to your deed.

Subdivision Plat

This is required when creating new titles for smaller parcels of land. For a subdivision survey, we measure and draw new boundaries when diving land for the purposes of a subdivision.

Construction & Stake Out Survey

It’s important to see where the work on your construction site will be done. In a construction & stake out survey, we establish pre-construction survey points, and stake out boundaries and elevations.


This is an advanced survey for real estate transactions. We perform the survey following requirements of the American Land Title Association (ALTA), and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

CSM (Certified Survey Maps)

We offer CSM (certified survey maps) of land subdivided into 4 or less lots. These surveys can be used for dividing land for sale or exchange, creating lots for development, and more. 

Highway & Road Survey

We work with government agencies during the planning stages to survey for layout, utilities, drainage, and other features related to road development.



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