Designing in true direction, we present creative solutions that fit your vision. Whether the work involves storm management, the design of sewer or water systems, roads and infrastructure, or maximizing land use that meets state and local requirements, our engineering services start with a fresh approach to each issue. 

Engineering is technical. We specialize in breaking it down so you clearly understand each step of your project as well. It’s how we stay TRUE to your needs and vision.

Single Family Residences, Subdivisions, & Commercial Properties

Save time and money when building a home with Cardinal Engineering. We also work with consumers, realtors, attorneys, and developers to create subdivisions with foresight. From building a small retail shop, to a large medical or business complex, we will keep your commercial project on track. Discover our civil engineering expertise in the following areas:

Site Plans

One home community development, engineer site plans for one home but also an entire community development.

Grading Plans

We provide outlines of land development criteria. These types of plans show elevations, drainage patterns, dimensions, and more.

Stormwater Management

We provide solutions to small or large stormwater management issues. These solutions include managing surface water runoff and designing infrastructures.

Utility Placement

We provide water, sewer, and storm solutions by designing, implementing, and maintaining utility structures.

Roadway Engineering

At Cardinal, we design roadway aspects such as alignments, intersections, and pavement designs.

Stormwater Management

Our stormwater management expertise helps to protect the environment, reduce flood risk, and increase the quality of life in communities where you work and live. We design to maximize land use while meeting state and local requirements.


We understand roads and infrastructure. Our innovative approach to building roads, highways, and freeways begins with careful analysis of data, research, and current land conditions. Our goal is to design roads that will late, with cost efficient use of taxpayer dollars.



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