At Cardinal, due diligence is the name of the game because solid planning is the foundation for every exemplary outcome.  

Our research is thorough. Fact-finding is relevant to best outcomes. We uncover possibilities to provide you with options. A focused cost analysis gives you sure financial footing. We forecast with accurate life expectancies on a project.  

No surprises. That’s our rule of thumb, and what happens when planning is done right.

Single Family Residences, Subdivisions, & Commercial Properties

We provide a civil engineering plan for the home you build that lays the foundation for quality and efficiency in construction. Helping you prepare for a new subdivision is essential to a successful construction and future user experience. When it comes to a commercial project, there are three things all stakeholders are interesting in: timetables, cost, and quality. We help to expedite your priorities with the following civil engineering services:

Permits, Building Codes, Zoning

Topography, Boundaries, Easements

Land Improvements, Drainage Analysis

Utility Placement, Septic & Sewer

Construction Staking, Lot Layout, Building & Parking Analysis

Project Oversight, Roadway & Grading Design

Stormwater Management

Whether you’re building a road, a business location, subdivision, or home, effective water drainage is imperative to a successful project. Our drainage analysis and plans will help to reduce flood risk, safeguard your investment, and protect the environment.


When it comes to civil engineering and road building and maintenance, our reputation precedes us. At Cardinal, we find creative solutions for quality outcomes. We are cost efficient in the use of taxpayer dollars & government agencies let us know we’re easy to work with.



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